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The architecture office was founded by Ronnie Yue in 2009 and is characterized by 3 basic principles. Client focus is our top priority. We are always looking for suitable solutions to combine your individual needs as well as specific demands on costs and economic efficiency. With our many years of experience, we achieve sustainable solutions for the future.


We see timelessness as an essential part of our design thinking. A successful aesthetic should be as timeless as possible, which is why we fall back on a classic repertoire of forms when developing a project. We are careful to stay above short-term fads, but without neglecting the most modern demands on technology and comfort.


The prerequisite for realizable designs is our know-how, which we have been able to build up over the years in the course of many projects at home and abroad.

We have been working with Müller + Pfister Architekten AG since 2011 to carry out the project drafts in order to advance the best possible specification in the increasingly complex construction industry and at the same time offer our clients a clear structure. Under the company RD Architekten GmbH we are able to accompany you through all steps in both smaller and larger projects and to create high-quality locations.




​Born in Hong Kong


​Architecture studies at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris la Villette


​Master degree in architecture D.P.L.G. diplomé par le gouvernement (France)


​Design-Architect in different architecture offices in Paris, Hong Kong and Switzerland


Head of the architecture department of an international companie based in Switzerland. Responsible for the design and implementation of private properties, as well as the corporate identity and the associated sales interior, planning and project management for shops and exhibition stands.


Foundation of 3 Arts Architektur GmbH

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